Sunday, October 6, 2013

Last week, Penn SLAP announced a second victory in their Justice on the Menu campaign! On Monday, September 30, they announced that the rest of the non-unionized full time Bon Appetit employees won union recognition after a card check with Bon Appetit Management Company. 

Here’s an excerpt from Penn SLAP’s announcement:

“This victory is the product of a unique partnership between students and dining hall workers who have come together to demand change on their campus and in their workplace. Using creative tactics and building strong relationships, Pennstudents and workers built a strong alliance that enabled this victory.

“What has happened today shows that worker and student power is built through relationships, community-building, and a  shared vision of a better future” said Eliana Machefsky, a senior at Penn and organizer in the PennStudent Labor Action Project. “When students and workers stand together, real power is built.”

This comes as the second round of union recognition this year. In the spring semester, students in the PennStudent Labor Action Project worked alongside members of the Falk Dining Commons as they went public with their concerns about the workplace and then unanimously voted for union recognition by Teamsters Local 929 last April. The card check this morning formalized Teamsters Local 929 as the union representation for the latest round of workers as well.”

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Sunday, October 6, 2013

The 2013 Taproot Training was a huge success!
Taproot Training 2013

A diverse group of students, representatives from organized labor, community organizers, and trainers spent the weekend of September 20-22 learning the basics of the JwJ model of social change.

The training covered a wide range of topics from the components of a successful meeting, to understanding what motivates our opponents, to what makes up a long term strategy. Two important points from the training were that power and money are neutral. It is the values of the people who have power and money that determines whether they are good or bad. 

Armed with these tools, we are ready to grow our organized people and organized money to build power here in Philadelphia! 

 **Interested in participating in the training next year? Be on the lookout for more information soon for the 2014 Taproot Training. If you have immediate questions, contact Gwen at director at 

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Friday, September 6, 2013

JwJ’s annual Taproot Training is coming up again! Held every year with a diverse group of participants
from students to rank and file workers, this training provides insight into value-based organizing’s key concepts and skills.

In the words of 2012 Taproot participant Jimmy Perry, “Taproot training taught me to be more patient, that you can't
change things overnight, or with one action. You need to build a movement. It also taught me how to engage people
in a way that doesn't have to be confrontational, how to listen and build relationships. It was very challenging and
took me out of my comfort zone, which happens in real situations, and made me more prepared for them.” 

2013 Taproot Training September 20, 21, 22
Friday: 9-5:30pm
Saturday: 9-6pm
Sunday: 9-2pm
Location: DC 47, 1606 Walnut St.
Check out the Facebook event

-All meals will be provided on Friday and Saturday. Breakfast and lunch will be provided on Sunday.
-Cost: We suggest a donation of $200 per participant. There are a limited number of scholarships available.
 Please indicate your need for scholarship on the application form. 
-*Application deadline: September 10.

We hope that this training will help build a stronger, more powerful movement for justice in Philadelphia! 




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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

This summer, JwJ has been out in the streets alongside of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers, the Philadelphia Coalition Advocating for Public Schools and many others. The PFT has been holding weekly neighborhood rallies at Philadelphia public schools that will be affected by the school cuts and closings.

pft    pft1

Many young children and parents crowded around the entrance to Julia DeBurgos Elementary School in North Philadelphia for the first rally. A bilingual elementary school, parents and students spoke to the crowd in both Spanish and English. PFT Community Engagement Chair Evette Jones closed the rally with strong words. “Why should we have to beg for something that is a constitutional right!”

Despite rain, the second neighborhood rally at South Philadelphia High School went on today. The rally was dotted with red shirts, the PFT’s color, and a number of teachers spoke about the effects the cuts will have on their teaching. 

We hope you can come out to the next rally on Wednesday, August 14, at Harding Middel School at 3:30!

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