Liquor store employees and their families need your help urgently.

Each year, conservatives find a new way to approach dismantling our state liquor system. And each year, we've been able to save these stores and the jobs they provide because the public knows the truth: liquor store privatization would mean more drunk drivers in the street, more booze slipping into the hands of our children, and the destruction of family-sustaining, living wage union jobs.

But the right wing of won't let up. Funded by big businesses greedily eyeing the Pennsylvania liquor market, they've introduced the same bill with a new name: HB 790.

We need our legislators to vote according to their consciences, not their campaign finances. Today, we need your help getting that message to State Representative John Taylor of Philadelphia, who seems to be wavering on the issue.

Call John Taylor's office at (717)-787-3179 NOW!

Tell him to VOTE NO on HB 790 and any similar liquor store privatization legislation

--for the sake of working families and children.

This bill has legs, and it's not walking--it's running. Conservatives are pushing HB 790 through as quickly as they can, attempting to shut the public out of the process and railroad liquor store privatization, ignoring the harm this legislation would do to working families and their children.

Time is running out--a vote could happen as early as tomorrow, and we need your help today.