The 2013 Taproot Training was a huge success!
Taproot Training 2013

A diverse group of students, representatives from organized labor, community organizers, and trainers spent the weekend of September 20-22 learning the basics of the JwJ model of social change.

The training covered a wide range of topics from the components of a successful meeting, to understanding what motivates our opponents, to what makes up a long term strategy. Two important points from the training were that power and money are neutral. It is the values of the people who have power and money that determines whether they are good or bad. 

Armed with these tools, we are ready to grow our organized people and organized money to build power here in Philadelphia! 

 **Interested in participating in the training next year? Be on the lookout for more information soon for the 2014 Taproot Training. If you have immediate questions, contact Gwen at director at