Last week, Penn SLAP announced a second victory in their Justice on the Menu campaign! On Monday, September 30, they announced that the rest of the non-unionized full time Bon Appetit employees won union recognition after a card check with Bon Appetit Management Company. 

Here’s an excerpt from Penn SLAP’s announcement:

“This victory is the product of a unique partnership between students and dining hall workers who have come together to demand change on their campus and in their workplace. Using creative tactics and building strong relationships, Pennstudents and workers built a strong alliance that enabled this victory.

“What has happened today shows that worker and student power is built through relationships, community-building, and a  shared vision of a better future” said Eliana Machefsky, a senior at Penn and organizer in the PennStudent Labor Action Project. “When students and workers stand together, real power is built.”

This comes as the second round of union recognition this year. In the spring semester, students in the PennStudent Labor Action Project worked alongside members of the Falk Dining Commons as they went public with their concerns about the workplace and then unanimously voted for union recognition by Teamsters Local 929 last April. The card check this morning formalized Teamsters Local 929 as the union representation for the latest round of workers as well.”

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